My first TV job was in 2003 as an editor, before I moved to New Zealand in 2005 and pursued writing, directing and producing. I've made all kinds of factual shows including current affairs, documentary, reality, science, consumer and nature. Though I enjoy all of the above, if you twisted my arm, I'd say I was best at processing really complex information into something emotional and engaging with lots of added points for style. 

Below are just a few bits and pieces. Some of it's good, some of it was fun and some of it just looks like it was good and/or fun but actually wasn't... 

This page is by no means exhaustive. Follow the links at the bottom to IMDb and LinkedIn to see my complete list of credits. 


Asia's Weirdest

Series Producer

For Nat Geo/NHNZ

What an absolute joy this series was. My first series producer job. We pushed this format in every direction we could, giving it a really distinctive voice and retro styling. I set out to dance on that bright line of anthropomorphisation - using it to help the audience connect with the animal characters (and through them the majesty of nature), while making it absurd enough that no-one is ever in any doubt that we're being silly. A highly motivated and talented crew grabbed the opportunity to contribute to a very special show. 

Weirdest Asia_TITLES_SKY.jpg

Ocean's Weirdest 

Series Producer

For Nat Geo/NHNZ

Same but different. Weirdness is basically another name for unfamiliarity and because the ocean is such a different environment from the one we evolved in, there are an awful lot of adaptations that seem very weird indeed - like having a fish living up your bum, eating explosive devices and storing them in your skin or having a four metre long penis.  

Weirdest Oceans_TITLES_WATER.jpg

Jackie Chan's Green Heroes


For Nat Geo/NHNZ

Jackie and his inventor mate Arthur head to the Tibetan Plateau to test a mobile recycling plant and we went along with them. There was altitude sickness -16 degrees Celcius and the unbelievable mania that follows Jackie's star power. It all resulted in a great show and an unforgettable experience.

Inside The Pack


For Nat Geo/NHNZ

This was a special I wrote and post-produced - and I thought it was very special indeed. On the surface it was an exciting tale of the blood-soaked adventures of social predators like lions and hyenas, but underneath it had a lot to say about how intelligence and sociality often evolve together and lead to pain as well as parties.


Ever Wondered?



This was the first series that I directed and it was absolutely wonderful. The turnaround was insane but I got to learn a whole lot of great stuff that I then had to try and communicate to the audience. Here's a clip about game theory.


Wild 24


For Nat Geo/NHNZ

I made a ton of these shows - 24 hours in the lives of animals in a given location. Some of my best writing was done here.


Campbell Live - Bohs


For TV3/Campbell Live

The first thing I ever directed for TV! Way back in about 2007, I think. Credit to the EP Carol Hirschfeld for letting me do it. I still think it's a pretty good yarn.


Segment Director/Producer

For TV3/Top Shelf

Don't laugh, but I really enjoyed directing the product check segment on this show. I had no budget (I could usually shake about $150 out of the producer for props and a smoke machine) but a lot of freedom. Follow the link to some of the opening segments and you can see how much fun I had. 

I also put a lot of effort into ensuring that my assessments of the products were based on really good research and contained genuinely useful info for the consumer... so it wasn't all men in cat suits and hula girls.