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Canvass: Awards


News of a sex scandal threatens the career of an up-and-coming MP while she is out door-knocking in her electorate.

With the press and her own party out for her blood, she must take desperate action to save her career. 

Canvass: Awards

In Post Production

Canvass has received the generous support of Short Film Otago, Enterprise Dunedin and Queenstown Camera Company. 

Principal photography is complete and we're now in post-production. 

Canvass Hero Images Finals13 copy
Canvass Hero Images Finals7 copy
Canvass Hero Images Finals12 copy
Canvass 16 copy
D43B06EF-6BB0-4CAD-A5C2-2E3E75AEB424_1_105_c copy
Canvass Cast _ Crew 1
Canvass Day 4 -176 copy
Canvass Day 4 -197 copy
Canvass Day 4 -147 copy
Canvass 21 copy
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