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I'm an award-winning director, writer and producer. 


My three short films; Cold Fish (2017), Hot Chocolate (2020) and Flora & the Greater Good (2022)

have managed to get a bunch of awards on the festival circuit. 


I have a number of feature scripts in various stages of development. 

The High Road has attracted development funding from the NZFC and I've received the NZWG SEED grant twice, firstly for South West and then for Shadowboxer. I was also the inaugural recipient of the Dunedin - Shanghai Screenwriters Exchange. 

My work in television has spanned two decades and over 100 hours of screen time. Career highlights include almost killing Jackie Chan by making him walk off a cliff in Tibet (Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes, National Geographic), travelling New Zealand to discover the latest in cutting edge science (Ever Wondered?, TVNZ7), building a miniature of Captain Scott’s tent (Target, TV3), discovering the most messed up animals that nature has to offer (Weirdest. Nat Geo), helping James Cameron figure out if Jack could really have survived if he'd just got on that door (Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron, National Geographic), eating boiled intestines in a nomad yurt on the Mongolian steppe (TRC, Shanghai Media Group) and investigating masculinity and violence in maximum security prison (Paremoremo, Love + Radio).

I'm a dual citizen of New Zealand and the UK. 

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